Our Expertise

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Our Expertise


Over 125 years manufacturing experience has allowed us to become one of the most experienced chocolate manufacturers in the UK. Below are some of the specialised manufacturing processes occurring in our factory on a daily basis.

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Foil & Band Wrapping

Our high speed foil and band department with state of the art machinery produces up to 90,000 pieces per hour. The investment in this equipment means that we can achieve a quick turnaround for personalised Chocolate Neapolitan orders. Personalised Chocolate Wrappers can either be foil blocked in-house or CMYK/Pantone colour printed for full colour reproduction.

Whitakers - Chocolate Factory - Foil & Band Wrapping
Whitakers - Chocolate Factory - Chocolate Moulding

Chocolate Moulding

Here we fill many moulds with a range of different chocolates and inclusions, after which they are cooled and wrapped.

Creme Moulding Line

Continuous fondant crème moulding line, which can produce wide variety of different flavoured soft centred chocolate coated crèmes at speeds of 30,000 per hour.

Whitakers - Chocolate Factory - Cremes Moulding Line
Whitakers - Chocolate Factory - Chocolate Wrapping

Bunch Wrapping

Our ultra-high speed bunch wrapping department operates at speeds in excess of 100,000 pieces per hour.

Chocolate Tempering

Chocolate needs to be processed at different temperatures at different stages of production to allow crystals to form correctly. The formation of these crystals enables the product to de-mould more easily, take on an appealing shine, and produce a distinctive snap sound when broken.

Whitakers - Chocolate Factory - Chocolate Tempering
Whitakers - Chocolate Factory - Chocolate Enrobing

Chocolate Enrobing

This is the process of coating a pre-made centre by passing it through a curtain of liquid chocolate.

Chocolate Storage

We carry a selection of premium specialist chocolate on site for many different products. We have a purpose built storage facility with the capacity to hold approximately 100 tonnes of chocolate.

Whitakers - Chocolate Factory - Chocolate Storage
Chocolate Warehouseing


Our 20,000 Sq ft purpose-built, temperature controlled warehouse houses all finished goods and packaging in separate areas. Stock is very carefully managed and we have capacity to store over 2,200 pallets at any one time.

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