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Personalised Chocolate Neapolitans


Whitakers Chocolates have been manufacturing personalised chocolate neapolitans for over 15 years and today production can reach up to 500,000 neapolitans every day.
These beautiful envelopes of chocolate are an effective way of communicating any message, whether its a compliment to a coffee after dinner or a tasteful gift for your next promotional campaign.
We stock a wide range of print, foil, and wrapper colours as well as seven delicious chocolate varieties to choose from. Pantone-specific colour matching is also available in quantities over 10,000 pieces.
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Personalised Chocolates For Weddings and Events

Personalised Neapolitans for Weddings and Events

As few as 1000 personalised chocolates featuring your graphic and special message. Perfect for weddings and events.

Personalised Chocolates - Neapolitan Squares

Personalised Neapolitans for your Company

4000+ personalised chocolates foil blocked with your company logo and details. Add a special touch while promoting your brand.

Personalised Chocolates Full Colour Printed Chocolate Wrappers

Personalised Neapolitans Printed Full Colour

Need a specific colour to comply with your brand? Our stunning flexo printed personalised wrappers are available from 10,000 pieces.

Personalisation Options


Some recent designs

Check out some of the recent designs we have produced for our personalised chocolate wrappers.