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World Chocolate Day 2023 01/01/2023

International World Chocolate Day 2023

What is World Chocolate Day? World Chocolate Day, also known as International Chocolate Day, is celebrated on July 7th each year. This day is dedicated to appreciating and indulging in one of the most popular treats in the world: chocolate. The celebration is believed to mark the day when chocolate was first introduced to Europe in the year 1550. People all over the world observe this day by consuming chocolate in various forms, sharing it with friends and family, and participating in chocolate-themed parties and events. It is a day... Read More


What makes a good corporate gift?

The best corporate gifts for employees and clients should leave a lasting positive impression. The best way is to send something meaningful and/or personalized vs a generic gift. We recommend thinking of this process in the same way you would a family member. What is corporate gifting? – Why is it so important in the business world today Your brand is your unique selling point, and it speaks much about the services you offer.  Therefore, if you desire to have an edge above your competitors, it is imperative that you... Read More

Christmas chocolate gift boxes by Whitakers Chocolates 22/11/2022

What are the best Christmas chocolates?

Baubles. Tinsel. Presents under the tree. Sleigh rides. Reindeer. Sitting on Santa’s knee. Who doesn’t love Christmas? But there’s one ingredient Christmas can’t do without. It’s not turkey or Christmas pudding, nor is it mince pies or Yule log. It’s chocolate! So, if you’re looking for the best Christmas chocolate gift – you’ve landed in the right place! We’re a nation of chocolate lovers and consume more chocolate than ever at Christmas. Once of a day, Quality Street and Roses were the main choice but not anymore. Over the years,... Read More

vegan and gluten free chocolate bundt cake recipe 10/10/2022

Easy Chocolate Bundt Cake…Give Me All The Chocolate !!!

We all love a bit of chocolate cake and if you fancy having a go and making this delicious vegan and gluten free chocolate bundt cake then you should. Even if you are not a natural or confident baker, we have been told this is the easiest recipe in the world to follow! So, let’s get ready and get baking (we’d love to see your final cake, so tag ‘whitakerschocolates’ in on social media!) Easy Double Chocolate Bundt Cake (GF, DF & V) Servings: 10 /12 A delicious chocolate Bundt cake... Read More

coffee cups and chocolate by Whitakers Chocolates 26/09/2022

Why does coffee and chocolate go together?

There’s a reason coffee and chocolate go so well together… We’re a nation of coffee drinkers and guess what? we’re chocolate lovers too! So coffee and chocolate are the perfect companions, but why? Could there be a scientific reason for it? Let’s find out… Whether it’s a piece of chocolate on the side of your cappuccino or sprinkled onto the top, or chocolate in the coffee itself (mocha for example), whatever the reason, people love pairing chocolate and coffee together. Chocolate goes with many different types of food and drink,... Read More


The Vegan chocolate tin is back!

Vegan Tin-Tations are back by popular demand The legendary Whitakers vegan selection tin is back once again for the festive season. This years tin is packed full of yummy vegan chocolate goodies. On sale from 12th September, this indulgent treat is a must-buy for yourself or a loved one this Christmas. Each selection tin contains 525 grams of vegan milk and dark chocolates and toffee. The flavour combinations are vast and, more importantly – delicious! What’s inside… When we say it’s FULL of amazing vegan chocolates, we mean it! Vegan... Read More

Whitakers Chocolates range of Halloween 06/09/2022

Why do we celebrate Halloween?

Ghouls and ghosts are the stuff of nightmares on every other day of the year, so the tradition of welcoming these creepy creatures does seem a little odd when you think about it.

White Chocolate bar and melted bowl of white chocolate 30/08/2022

Is white chocolate really chocolate?

All chocolate comes from trees. Correct! So, brown chocolate comes from a brown tree and white chocolate comes from a white tree, right? Wrong! What’s white chocolate? Actually it isn’t even chocolate because it does not contain cocoa particles. It is just cocoa butter mixed with sugar, often with a little vanilla added for flavoring. A cocoa bean is made up of roughly equal parts cocoa butter and cacao nibs. Cocoa butter is what gives chocolate its rich mouthfeel, and the nibs hold most of the distinctive smell and taste. Absent... Read More

selection of gluten free chocolates in both milk and dark chocolate by Whitakers Chocolates 22/08/2022

Gluten free chocolates UK

What Chocolates Are Gluten free? If you are a huge chocolate lover and have been searching the globe for gluten-free chocolates, the search is over! Whether you are following a gluten-free lifestyle, looking for gluten-free chocolates for a family or friends or if you are living with celiac disease, then this is the go-to gluten-free chocolate guide for you. (We also went into more detail about what chocolate is gluten-free here). Why isn’t all chocolate Gluten free? Following a gluten-free diet can be challenging. It requires strict dedication and diligence... Read More

Catering chocolates and truffles 15/08/2022

Looking for the best chocolates for catering?

Your search is over, it’s official – we’ve found the best selection of chocolates and truffles the UK has to offer for the catering market! So, what makes the best chocolate? Pure flavorings and natural ingredients, rather than artificial flavoring, produce the best-quality chocolates. Chemical preservatives also affect the flavor and quality of the finished product. Top-notch chocolate products use the simplest, purest ingredients so the true flavor shines through. Whatever the occasion, chocolate makes the perfect partner. So, if you are planning an event, looking for gifts for your... Read More