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Personalised chocolate gifts UK 08/08/2022

What are the best corporate Gifts?

Looking for gifts that your clients, customers and employees will love can be a very hard task but here’s our guide to the best corporate gifts EVER! The art of giving Whatever you motivation is or desire to treat your customers and clients, knowing what gifts to choose and why is key. Gifts for your clients might look very different to gifts you’d like to give to your employees, so establishing your key objective is rule number one! What’s the main reason you want to give gifts? This question is... Read More

The best chocolate gifts for 2022 20/07/2022

The Best chocolate gifts to give in 2022

So, what’s the best chocolate gift for this year?! It’s tough not to love chocolate – which is exactly why it makes the perfect choice when it comes to gifting. Whatever the occasion, age or gender it’s a solid choice that everyone can love and enjoy. Plus, gifting chocolate makes you feel great too (you just need to remember to gift some to yourself as well)! Whatever the occasion, when looking for the perfect gift for the chocoholic in your life, there may be lots of factors to consider. Such... Read More

Whitakers Chocolates dark chocolate fondant creams & the debate regarding should you out chocolate in the fridge 11/07/2022

Should you put chocolate in the fridge?

Fridge, freezer or room temperature?! As a nation of chocolate lovers, it’s inevitable that we enjoy our sweet treats in all kinds of ways, but, which is the correct way to enjoy chocolate? With summer in full swing and temperatures on the rise, it seems a logical idea to pop your favourite chocolate bar or nibble in the fridge to keep extra cool. After all, we don’t want your favourite treat to turn into a melting mess. But, this is such the wrong thing to do and here’s why… Storing... Read More

Example of bloomed chocolate 05/07/2022

What is chocolate blooming?

Have you ever opened up your favourite chocolate, seen it has a strange white residue and think, what’s wrong with my chocolate? Don’t worry, this has happened to us all and we’re here to explain what it is and why this happens. What is chocolate blooming? Chocolate blooming is the term we use when we see that the chocolate has a dusting or streaking across the surface. There are two types of blooming – fat bloom and sugar bloom. (If you’re reading this now, with your opened bar of bloomed... Read More

Thank you for being a great teacher milk chocolate gift bar 29/06/2022

What are the best gifts for Teachers?

Gifts for Teachers that they are sure to love. Teachers shape our lives in so many ways and have gone above and beyond over the past few years. From learning how to teach via Zoom to reconnecting with their students back in the classroom. Despite all the challenges, they’ve had to be flexible, patient, and determined to continue educating in unstable, uncertain times. As the school years draws to a close, it’s time to give a little back and say Thank You for a job well done. Teachers don’t just... Read More

Fairtrade Cocoa Beans being held by a cocoa farmer 20/06/2022

Why should we buy Fairtrade Chocolate?

Fairtrade gives shoppers the opportunity to live and shop according to their principles and take action to support farmers and their families. Fairtrade provides consumers with an opportunity to connect with the people who grow the produce we enjoy and need. When you choose Fairtrade chocolate, you know that the farmers and workers who produced the cocoa in it, received an additional Fairtrade Premium on top of the price of their crop which they can invest in their communities and use to fight the effects of climate change. 5 Reasons to Eat... Read More

Box of dark chocolate pink gin fondant creams made by Yorkshire company Whitakers Chocolates 14/06/2022

The best creams of 2022

There aren’t many things in life that beat tucking into really good chocolate. The best chocolate doesn’t always have to be fancy or high-end but good quality and taste really does stand out from the crowd. However, with more and more chocolatiers entering an already saturated market, how do you separate the good from the overwhelmingly average? We’ve muched our way through the whole range of Whitakers Fondant Creams (as well as our customers) to share the top five flavours of 2022! But, before we reveal our findings, we thought... Read More

example of custom printed personalised chocolate bars created by Whitakers Chocolates for the Queens Hotel in Leeds, UK 31/05/2022

Personalised chocolate bars and corporate gifts UK

Custom designed chocolate for marketing and corporate gifts. Branding and promoting your business couldn’t be easier with promotional chocolate gifts. At Whitakers Chocolates we take branding to a whole new level, creating unforgettable gifts your customers will love. Fully personalised chocolate gifts printed with your logo and marketing message ensuring you get great brand exposure. Whether you are hosting an event, wanting a little thank you gift or looking to launch a new product – we’ve got you covered! Browse our promotional chocolate collection where you will discover all kinds... Read More

Violet and chocolate battenburg cake. Gluten free, vegan & dairy free 24/05/2022

Violet And Chocolate Battenberg Cake

This recipe is based on a traditional chocolate with a Violet twist…(using Whitakers Chocolates delicious Violet Creams!). It’s also a very regal looking cake that will go down fantastically over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations! Violet and Chocolate flavours taste terrific in this variation of a classic favourite, covered with chocolate-flavoured marzipan. So, here’s the all important recipe… RECIPE Violet and Chocolate Battenberg Cake (GF, DF V) Servings: 10/ 12 It’s made in the Silverwood Battenberg Tin, with its clever dividers to make four even strips of cake, which are then... Read More

Mini easter eggs, solid eggs filled with smooth milk chocolate 10/03/2022

The history of the chocolate Easter Egg

Why has Easter become a chocolate festival? Easter in the UK is all about chocolate. We spend a whopping amount of money on Easter eggs and Easter treats, which equates to thousands of tonnes of chocolate used every year. We never stop to question why eggs are a symbol of Easter. But there is a good reason for it. But chocolate is one thing you won’t find in the original Easter story, which tells of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion on Good Friday and his resurrection three days later. Originating in the... Read More