example of custom printed personalised chocolate bars created by Whitakers Chocolates for the Queens Hotel in Leeds, UK

Personalised chocolate bars and corporate gifts UK

Custom-designed chocolate for marketing and corporate gifts.

Branding and promoting your business couldn’t be easier with promotional chocolate gifts. At Whitakers Chocolates we take branding to a whole new level, creating unforgettable gifts your customers will love.

Fully personalised chocolate gifts printed with your logo and marketing message ensuring you get great brand exposure.

Whether you are hosting an event, wanting a little thank you gift or looking to launch a new product – we’ve got you covered!

Browse our promotional chocolate collection where you will discover all kinds of sweet treats to delight your clients, from branded individually wrapped square chocolate Neapolitans to chocolate bars and corporate chocolate gift boxes.

We offer a free artwork service, low minimum orders, super quick turnaround times – all at competitive prices.

We’ve just created these gorgeous milk chocolate bars for the Queens Hotel, Leeds & we’re pretty sure their guests are going to be happy receiving one of these on arrival! After all, who doesn’t like chocolate?

If you are interested in finding out more about our promotional chocolate gifts, click here.

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Or click here to check out our delicious corporate gift hampers.

Alternatively, get in touch with our friendly team on 01756 791 317 or email sales@whitakerschocolates.com

Or click this link if you are interested in our bulk buy chocolate bars.

Finally you might also be interested in our private-label chocolates here or read this post to find out what chocolate is ok for a vegan to eat.

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Gemma Whitaker

Hi, my name is Gemma.

I’m the Marketing Director at Whitakers Chocolates and a Whitaker’s family member.

As you can imagine, I live, breathe (& eat a lot of) chocolate!

Welcome to the world of Whitakers Chocolates. I am the voice, author and creator of our chocolate blog.

Other than chocolate, my favourite things in life at my friends & family, heading to the…

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