Vegan salted caramel creams

Rising demand for Vegan products

As the popularity of vegan and plant-based lifestyles increases, so does the rising demand for Vegan products. Adopting a vegan or plant based lifestyle shouldn’t mean you feel you’re losing out or missing elements from your past life.

2021 has been an interesting year for a number of reasons. In this short space of time, vegan and plant based products ranges have boomed. It’s safe to say, it’s an exciting time for anyone choosing to re-evaluate their life choices and adopt more of an environmentally friendly existence.

Let’s talk chocolate, let’s talk Vegan chocolate!

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Increasing range of vegan products by Whitakers Chocolates

So, at Whitakers Chocolates we’ve been making luxury chocolates and gifts for over 130 years. Within this time, trust us, we’ve seen lots of food trends but nothing compares to Veganism. As you would expect, we have a very loyal customer base. A customer base that tells us exactly what products they’d like to see. We wouldn’t be where we are today without listening to our customers. That’s why we’ve spent the past couple of years developing our vegan chocolate range.

Today over 50% of our chocolate range is vegan friendly. We have also registered our products with the Vegan Society meaning our customers can buy with confidence.

Our chocolate range consists of the following products:

  • Dark chocolate fondant creams in a variety of flavours
  • Dark chocolate Inclusions bars
  • Dark chocolate mint and ginger wafer thins
  • Dark chocolate orange and honeycomb bites
  • Whitakers signature selection gift boxes
  • Wholesale bulk vegan chocolate.

We’re not finished….

At Whitakers Chocolates we are committed to new product development along with giving customers the products they want. 2021 will see a more diverse vegan product range, including milk and dark chocolate truffles and also our first-ever Christmas selection tin! More details coming soon!

(If you need to place larger Christmas orders, please visit our wholesale Christmas chocolates bulk buy page).

Make sure you follow our social media pages to find out more about our new product launches, offers and, not to mention our competitions!

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I’m the Marketing Director at Whitakers Chocolates and a Whitaker’s family member.

As you can imagine, I live, breathe (& eat a lot of) chocolate!

Welcome to the world of Whitakers Chocolates. I am the voice, author and creator of our chocolate blog.

Other than chocolate, my favourite things in life at my friends & family, heading to the…

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