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What is a White Mocha Coffee?
Blog / Chocolate / What is a White Mocha Coffee?

What is a White Mocha Coffee?

In the world of coffee, the White Mocha stands out as a creamy, dreamy variant that's captured the hearts of many coffee lovers.

A luxurious twist on the traditional mocha, the White Mocha swaps the classic dark or milk chocolate for white chocolate, introducing a smoother, sweeter dimension to the beloved coffee-chocolate combination.

What is a White Mocha Coffee?

A White Mocha Coffee is a delightful variation of the traditional mocha.

The choice of chocolate is the key difference between a standard mocha and a White Mocha.

While a regular mocha uses dark or milk chocolate, a white mocha uses white chocolate, imparting a sweeter, creamier taste.

This change in chocolate type transforms the drink's flavour profile, offering a lighter, more luxurious taste than traditional mocha's more robust and rich flavour.

White Mochas typically have one or two shots of espresso, white chocolate syrup or melted white chocolate, and steamed milk.

They can be topped with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder or white chocolate shavings, enhancing the visual appeal and adding an extra touch of indulgence.

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Does White Mocha Coffee Have Caffeine In It?

White Mocha Coffee does contain caffeine.

The source of caffeine in a White Mocha is the espresso, which forms the coffee base of the drink.

The amount of caffeine in a White Mocha can vary depending on how many espresso shots are used and the strength of the espresso.

Typically, a single shot of espresso contains about 63-65 milligrams of caffeine, but this can vary depending on the coffee beans used and the brewing method.

If a White Mocha is made with two shots of espresso, which is expected, the caffeine content would naturally be higher.

It's important to note that the other key ingredient in a white mocha, white chocolate, doesn't significantly contribute to the caffeine content.

While chocolate does contain some caffeine, the amount in white chocolate is usually negligible due to the lack of cocoa solids.

Coffee Cup Piled High with Cream

What’s the Difference Between a Mocha and a White Mocha?

The key difference between a mocha and a white mocha is the type of chocolate used, which significantly influences the flavour profile of each drink.

1. Type of Chocolate:

In a Mocha, the chocolate component typically comes from dark or milk chocolate.

This is often added in the form of syrup or cocoa powder.

The result is a richer, slightly bitter chocolate flavour that complements the robustness of the espresso.

In a White Mocha, white chocolate is used instead.

White chocolate tends to be sweeter and creamier than dark or milk chocolate, lending a lighter and more luxurious taste to the coffee.

2. Flavour Profile:

A regular Mocha has a more pronounced coffee flavour, with the bitterness of the chocolate balancing the boldness of the espresso.

It's a popular choice for those who enjoy a strong coffee taste with a hint of chocolate sweetness.

A White Mocha, on the other hand, offers a sweeter and smoother experience.

The white chocolate adds a creamy, rich sweetness that can sometimes overshadow the coffee flavour, making it a favourite among those who prefer a less intense coffee taste.

3. Texture:

Both drinks typically include steamed milk, which adds creaminess, but the inherent richness of white chocolate can make a White Mocha feel more decadent and velvety compared to a standard Mocha.

Despite these differences, mocha and white mocha coffees share a common base of espresso and milk, combining the stimulating effects of coffee with the comforting richness of chocolate.

The choice between the two often comes down to personal preference regarding the chocolate flavour and sweetness level.

What is a White Mocha made From?

A White Mocha is typically made from the following ingredients:

  • Espresso: This forms the coffee base of the drink. Usually, one or two espresso shots are used, depending on the desired strength of the coffee flavour.

  • White Chocolate: The key distinguishing ingredient in a White Mocha is white chocolate, added to give the drink its characteristic sweet and creamy flavour. This can be in white chocolate syrup or melted white chocolate.

  • Milk: Steamed milk is added to the espresso and white chocolate mix, contributing to the creamy texture of the drink. The type of milk can vary – whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed, or plant-based alternatives like almond or oat milk – according to preference or dietary needs.

  • Optional Toppings: White Mochas are often topped with whipped cream, which adds an extra layer of richness. A sprinkle of cocoa powder or white chocolate shavings can also be garnished.

These ingredients combine to create a White Mocha that is smooth, sweet, and indulgent, offering a delightful alternative to the more traditional, darker chocolate-flavoured mocha.

How to Make a White Mocha Coffee at Home

Making a White Mocha coffee at home is a delightful way to indulge in a coffeehouse favourite without leaving your kitchen.

Here's a simple method to create a White Mocha in the comfort of your home:


  • Espresso or strong-brewed coffee
  • White chocolate (chips or bar) or white chocolate syrup
  • Milk (whole, semi-skimmed, skimmed, or a plant-based alternative)
  • Optional: whipped cream and white chocolate shavings for topping


  • Prepare the Espresso or Coffee: Brew a strong espresso using a coffee machine or a stovetop espresso maker. Strong-brewed coffee can also work if you don't have an espresso machine. Aim for about 60 ml (2 ounces) for a single shot.

  • Melt the White Chocolate: If using white chocolate chips or a bar, melt them gently. You can do this in a microwave in short bursts, stirring between each, or over a double boiler on the stove. Skip this step if you’re using white chocolate syrup.

  • Mix Espresso and Chocolate: Pour the hot espresso over the melted white chocolate or add white chocolate syrup to the espresso. Stir well until the chocolate is completely incorporated.

  • Heat and Froth the Milk: Heat it in a saucepan until it's hot but not boiling. If you have a milk frother, use it to froth it; otherwise, whisk it vigorously or use a French press to create foam.

  • Assemble Your White Mocha: Pour the frothed milk into the espresso-chocolate mixture, holding back the foam with a spoon. Then, spoon the foam over the top.

  • Add Toppings (Optional): For an extra indulgent touch, you can add whipped cream on top and sprinkle with white chocolate shavings.

  • Serve Immediately: Enjoy your homemade White Mocha while it’s warm!

Adjust the white chocolate and milk amount to suit your taste.

Where Can You Buy Delicious Chocolate to Enjoy with Your White Mocha?

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Some Notes From an Expert Chocolatier

As an expert chocolatier, I've observed that the White Mocha, with its creamy and sweet profile, pairs exceptionally well with certain chocolate products, offering a unique sensory experience.

The delicate sweetness of white chocolate in a white mocha complements the subtle nuances of high-quality milk chocolate, highlighting its creamy texture and smooth finish.

When paired with chocolate confections that hint at saltiness, like sea salt caramel chocolates, the White Mocha can accentuate the contrast between sweet and salty, creating a delightful balance.

Additionally, pairing it with fruit-infused chocolates, such as raspberry or orange, can enhance the fruit notes, making for a refreshing and indulgent combination.

Final Notes On White Mocha Coffee

White mocha coffee is a luxurious variant in the world of coffee.

It blends the boldness of espresso with the creamy sweetness of white chocolate.

Its popularity in the UK is a testament to its delightful taste profile that caters to those seeking something different from the traditional coffee experience.

The versatility of White Mocha allows for various customisations, be it through the choice of milk, the intensity of the coffee, or the addition of toppings, making it a beverage that can be tailored to individual preferences.

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