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Our Chocolate Factory

Our wonderful world of Chocolate!

We are one of the leading chocolate manufacturers in the UK with over 130 years of experience.

We specialise in making fine British milk and dark chocolates for the Wholesale, Catering, Retail, Corporate and Private Label markets. 

Our purpose-built chocolate factory in the heart of Yorkshire produces over 10 million chocolates per week!

Have a peek inside our factory. Check out the video!


Our Manufacturing Process

Our main processes include chocolate enrobing, depositing, wafer thin layering, high speed foil wrapping, foil and band wrapping and flow wrapping. In addition we print all our own foil blocked chocolate wrappers. Fudge manufacturing also takes place.

Chocolate Neapolitans wrapping machine in action in Whitakers Chocolates manufacturing plant in the UK. Image shows chocolate being wrapped with gold foil then finished with a burgundy paper wrapper.
Dark chocolate being deposited into round moulds in the Whitakers Chocolates manufacturing plant in the UK
Fondant centres being passed along a belt ready to be enrobed with Whitakers Chocolates signature Fairtrade dark chocolate
Chocolate Neapolitan wrapping machine in action with finished goods dropping into a box at the end of the production belt
Freshly made all butter fudge being hand poured from a copper pan onto a setting table ready to be cut into squares
Freshly foiled gold discs of dark chocolate and mint crisps moving down a production belt in the Whitakers Chocolates UK factory ready to be hand placed into retail and catering packaging.
Whitakers Chocolates warehouse facility in the UK. Packed and palleted finished goods stored in bays awaiting collection or dispatch

Our Warehouse

Our 20,000 Sq ft purpose-built, temperature controlled warehouse & distribution houses all finished goods and packaging in separate areas. Stock is very carefully managed and we have capacity to store over 2,200 pallets at any one time.


Health & Safety

Whitakers Chocolate factory supervisor conducting a spot check on the dark chocolate Fondant cream production line

We're Serious About Health & Safety

Hygiene and food safety is our number one priority (as well as making delicious sustainable chocolate of course!). Through years of experience and with comprehensive quality assurance management systems, we continually meet legal and customer requirements. We achieve this by implementing a strict set of food manufacturing practices, both internally developed procedures and external audits.


Protecting Our Customers

BRC Certification (AA*) - The Quality Assurance System is certified against the British Retail Consortium Global Food Standard (BRC).

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (H.A.C.C.P.) - Whitakers adopts a HACCP management plan which facilitates continual improvement of food and safety alongside potential hazards associated with each process step.

Allergen Management - Whitakers have developed a system for managing allergens which may be present within raw materials. Strict control via supplier approval ensures that identification is sought and advice can be given.

Identification & Product Traceability - Whitakers are able to trace all raw materials and packaging from our suppliers through manufacturing and despatch to our customer and vice versa.


Contact Us

To find out more about our chocolate factory or discuss our contract manufacturing solutions, please contact our friendly team who'd be happy to help!.