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Inside our Chocolate Factory

Discover our Yorkshire-based factory, where over 135 years of expertise crafts over 10 million fine British chocolates weekly

Mastering Chocolate: Our Manufacturing Journey

Explore the craftsmanship behind Whitakers Chocolates: from meticulous chocolate enrobing and precise depositing to delicate wafer-thin layering. Our facility excels in high-speed foil wrapping, bespoke foil and band printing, and seamless flow wrapping, ensuring each chocolate is a masterpiece of taste and presentation

Efficiency Meets Innovation: Our Chocolate Warehouse

Within our 20,000 Sq ft state-of-the-art warehouse, temperature-controlled environments ensure the pristine condition of finished goods and packaging. With meticulous stock management and a capacity for over 2,200 pallets, we guarantee the seamless distribution of Whitakers Chocolates to chocolate lovers everywhere

Ensuring Excellence at Every Step

Whitakers employs a HACCP management plan for ongoing food safety improvement, addressing hazards at each production stage. Our rigorous allergen management system, through stringent supplier checks, ensures allergen identification and advice. We also guarantee full traceability of raw materials and packaging from suppliers to customers and back


Health & Safety: Our Priority

At Whitakers, hygiene and food safety reign supreme, seamlessly integrated with our commitment to delicious, sustainable chocolate. With rigorous practices and comprehensive quality assurance, we exceed standards, ensuring excellence in every bite

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