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What Alcohol Goes With Hot Chocolate?
Blog / Hot Chocolate / What Alcohol Goes With Hot Chocolate?

What Alcohol Goes With Hot Chocolate?

In this post, we will guide you through the delightful world of boozy hot chocolate, exploring the perfect pairings of hot cocoa and spirits and revealing which tipple can add that extra warming touch to your hot chocolate.

Whether you're partial to a bit of brandy or fond of a splash of rum, we promise there's a blend that's bound to tickle your taste buds.

So, don your favourite knitted jumper, snuggle into the cosiest corner of your settee and let's navigate the luscious world of hot chocolate spiked with just the right measure of your preferred spirit.

What Alcohol Goes Well With Hot Chocolate?

Sure, hot chocolate is undoubtedly delectable on its own, but it can be transformed into a moreish and grown-up delight with the addition of a bit of alcohol.

Here are some splendid suggestions of spirits that pair brilliantly with hot chocolate:

  1. Rum: Dark or spiced rum can give your hot chocolate an exciting Caribbean twist. Rum's natural sweetness and spicy undertones complement the rich cocoa beautifully, creating a blend that is smooth, warming and deeply comforting.

  2. Brandy: A shot of brandy can lend an enticing depth of flavour to your hot chocolate. The fruity, oaky and somewhat sweet notes of brandy pair perfectly with the rich cocoa, culminating in a truly luxurious drink.

  3. Whisky: If you prefer a punchier kick to your hot chocolate, a dose of whisky is the way to go. The fiery spirit, with its smoky and caramel undertones, can cut through the sweetness of the hot chocolate, resulting in a balanced and invigorating drink.

  4. Baileys Irish Cream: This creamy liqueur is made for hot chocolate! The velvety blend of whisky and cream in Baileys enhances the richness of the hot chocolate, while its mild alcohol content keeps the drink light and enjoyable.

  5. Amaretto: For those who enjoy a nutty hint in their hot chocolate, adding a splash of Amaretto, an Italian almond-flavoured liqueur, could be the perfect choice. The sweet, almond notes of Amaretto elevate the hot chocolate to a new level of indulgence.

  6. Peppermint Schnapps: To add a refreshing contrast to the richness of hot chocolate, consider Peppermint Schnapps. This minty spirit makes for a fantastic after-dinner version of hot chocolate, creating a drink that's reminiscent of a liquid After Eight mint!

  7. Chilli-infused Tequila: If you fancy something a bit adventurous, chilli-infused Tequila could be your wildcard. The heat from the chilli and the sharpness of the Tequila can bring a delightful zing to your hot chocolate, making it a warming treat with a surprising kick.

Remember, when it comes to pairing alcohol with hot chocolate, it's all about balance.

The goal is to enhance the flavours rather than overwhelm them. So, start with a small amount of alcohol and adjust to your taste.

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What is Spiked Hot Chocolate?

Spiked hot chocolate is a delightful concoction that essentially means hot chocolate with a measure of alcohol added to it, giving it an enticing adult twist.

A warming treat that's particularly popular during the chillier months spiked hot chocolate marries the rich, creamy sweetness of traditional hot chocolate with the robust flavours and warming effect of spirits.

It's a charming way to jazz up this classic winter warmer, offering a decadent and grown-up version that's ideal for evening get-togethers, dinner parties, or simply a quiet night in.

Whether you add a splash of rum, a shot of whisky, a dash of Bailey's, or any other alcohol that pairs well with chocolate, the aim is to complement the cocoa's richness without overpowering it.

The type and amount of alcohol you add will depend on your personal preferences and how much of a kick you'd like your drink to have.

So, next time you're whipping up a mug of hot chocolate, why not consider 'spiking' it for a unique and indulgent twist?

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What About Booze-Free Ideas for Hot Chocolate?

Of course, hot chocolate can be absolutely delightful and wonderfully comforting without a drop of alcohol in sight.

If you're looking for alcohol-free ways to jazz up your hot chocolate, you're in for a treat.

Here are some fantastic options:

  1. Spices: Adding a pinch of spices can make a world of difference to your hot chocolate. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and even a touch of chilli powder can provide a warming, flavourful twist.

  2. Vanilla Extract: A few drops of good-quality vanilla extract can add a depth of flavour that complements the rich taste of the cocoa.

  3. Peppermint Extract: If you fancy something refreshing, try adding a few drops of peppermint extract. It creates a wonderful contrast with the sweet and creamy hot chocolate.

  4. Orange Zest: For a citrusy spin on your hot chocolate, grate a little orange zest into your drink. It pairs beautifully with the deep chocolate flavour.

  5. Coffee: A shot of espresso or a spoonful of instant coffee can turn your hot chocolate into a mocha, a great pick-me-up on a dreary day.

  6. Salt: A small pinch of sea salt can enhance the sweetness and depth of the hot chocolate, giving it a complex, rounded flavour.

  7. Marshmallows and Whipped Cream: For a truly indulgent treat, top your hot chocolate with some marshmallows, whipped cream, or both. As they melt into the drink, they'll create a beautiful creamy texture and a wonderfully sweet taste.

  8. Caramel Sauce: Stir in a spoonful of caramel sauce for a rich, decadent hot chocolate. You can even drizzle some on top for a cafe-style treat.

Remember, these additions can be mixed and matched to suit your taste.

The best part about making hot chocolate is that you can personalise it exactly to your liking.

Enjoy the experiment and make every cuppa a special treat!

Where Can You Buy Chocolate to Make Hot Chocolate With?

Creating the perfect indulgent hot chocolate begins with sourcing the finest quality chocolate, and there's no better place than the trusted Whitakers Chocolates.

Founded in 1889, our family-run Yorkshire-based company has been delighting Brits with our superior chocolate offerings for generations.

Our product, Easymelt, is a game-changer for hot chocolate enthusiasts.

Easymelt is a high cocoa percentage dark chocolate couverture, specifically crafted for ease of melting.

With its rich, robust flavour profile and smooth consistency, it provides an excellent base for making luxurious hot chocolate at home.

The high percentage of cocoa solids ensures an intense, authentic chocolate taste, making it a perfect choice for hot chocolate lovers seeking an indulgent experience.

So where can you buy this brilliant product?

Whitakers Chocolates' Easymelt is readily available online through this website.

Remember, the key to a perfect hot chocolate is starting with the best quality chocolate, and using Easymelt takes you one step closer to creating a beverage that is rich, creamy, and thoroughly indulgent.

Simply melt it in a small amount of warm milk until smooth, then whisk in the rest of your milk.

The result? A perfectly smooth, flavoursome hot chocolate right in the comfort of your own home.

So why not elevate your hot chocolate experience with Easymelt and turn your cosy winter nights into an indulgent chocolatey delight?

Some Notes From an Expert Chocolatier

As an experienced chocolatier, I've spent many years perfecting the art of chocolate making and learning to appreciate the nuances of flavour and texture that make the difference between good chocolate and an extraordinary one.

When it comes to treats like hot chocolate, my philosophy is simple – if you're going to indulge, make sure it's worth every calorie!

Creating a truly memorable hot chocolate is an art in itself. The base should be top-quality real chocolate, like the Easymelt from Whitakers Chocolates.

Its high cocoa percentage and ease of melting make it an excellent choice for creating a rich, luxurious base for your hot chocolate.

When making hot chocolate, I always recommend using full-fat milk or oat milk.

These lend an extra creaminess to the drink, enhancing the velvety texture and rich taste.

Simply melt the chocolate in a small amount of warm milk, stirring until it's smooth and glossy, and then gradually whisk in the rest of your milk.

The result is a hot chocolate that’s unparalleled in flavour and texture – a real treat to the senses!

And for that final flourish?

I am a firm believer in the magic of grated chocolate and mini marshmallows.

Grating a little chocolate on top adds an extra layer of indulgence and a beautiful visual touch, while the marshmallows provide a delightful sweetness and a fun, playful texture contrast as they slowly melt into the drink.

In essence, creating the perfect hot chocolate is all about quality ingredients and the love you put into it.

This isn't just a beverage, it's a moment of pure, unadulterated indulgence.

So next time you're craving a comforting chocolatey treat, give this approach a go and experience hot chocolate as it's meant to be - absolutely heavenly!

P.S. You could also pop in a splash of your favourite liqueur (mine is definitely amaretto!).

Final Notes On What Alcohol Goes With Hot Chocolate

Whether you're seeking a cosy way to combat the winter chill or simply looking to indulge in a velvety treat, there's little that can match the comforting allure of a perfectly crafted hot chocolate.

The options for customisation are truly endless, from adding spices for a warming twist to incorporating extracts and sauces for an extra dimension of flavour.

However, for an adult spin on this classic, the world of alcohol offers a delightful array of possibilities.

Adding a splash of alcohol like rum, brandy, or whisky can transform your hot chocolate into a truly indulgent and sophisticated drink.

So go on, delve into the delicious world of spiked hot chocolate, experiment with your favourite flavours, and enjoy every sip of your carefully crafted, indulgent beverage.

You deserve it!

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