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Chocolate Pairings | What Goes With Chocolate?
Blog / Chocolate / Chocolate Pairings | What Goes With Chocolate?

Chocolate Pairings | What Goes With Chocolate?

Delve into the world of delectable delights with us as we embark on a flavoursome journey through the realm of chocolate pairings.

Chocolate, with its rich, complex and sensuous flavours, offers an array of pairing possibilities that go beyond mere taste.

It's an exploration of textures, aromas, and, most importantly, a match of temperaments that can delight the senses and elevate the experience of savouring this decadent treat.

Whether you're a milk, dark, or white chocolate enthusiast or an adventurous soul who loves trying new flavours, there's a perfect pairing waiting to tantalise your taste buds.

So, ready your palate and join us as we uncover the perfect partners for your favourite chocolatey treats.

From classic wine and chocolate combinations to some unexpected duos, let's embark on this indulgent adventure together.

What Goes With Dark Chocolate?

Here are some of my favourite chocolate pairings.

Give them a go & let me know what you think!

  1. Dark Chocolate and Red Wine: Particularly full-bodied, fruity reds like a Rioja or a Cabernet Sauvignon make a splendid match for dark chocolate. The rich, robust flavours of these wines perfectly complement the bitterness of the dark chocolate, making for a balanced, satisfying taste experience.

  2. Dark Chocolate and Earl Grey Tea: The bergamot notes in Earl Grey bring out the sweetness in dark chocolate, creating a unique flavour profile that's both refreshing and comforting.

  3. Dark Chocolate and Almonds: A handful of roasted almonds can bring out the nutty undertones in dark chocolate, resulting in a crunchy and delightful treat.

  4. Dark Chocolate and Blue Cheese: It might sound unusual, but the salty, tangy flavour of blue cheese works surprisingly well with the bitter intensity of dark chocolate.

  5. Dark Chocolate and Espresso: The intense, rich flavours of espresso pair wonderfully with a piece of high-quality dark chocolate, with both components enhancing each other's taste profiles.

  6. Dark Chocolate and Dried Fruits: Tart dried fruits like cherries or cranberries cut through the bitterness of dark chocolate and bring a lovely sweet contrast to the palate.

  7. Dark Chocolate and Chilli: A classic combination that has been enjoyed for centuries, the heat of the chilli brings out the subtle spicy notes in dark chocolate.

Remember, the world of chocolate pairings is all about exploration and finding what suits your personal taste best.

So, don't be afraid to experiment with these and find your own favourite dark chocolate pairing.

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What Goes With Milk Chocolate?

Here are seven ways you can enjoy your favourite milk chocolate treat:

  1. Milk Chocolate and Port Wine: The sweetness and roundness of port can stand up to the creaminess of milk chocolate, resulting in a smooth, velvety taste sensation.

  2. Milk Chocolate and Peanut Butter: The sweet creaminess of milk chocolate works exceptionally well with the salty, nutty flavour of peanut butter.

  3. Milk Chocolate and Bananas: The natural sweetness of ripe bananas pairs deliciously with milk chocolate, creating a tropical, dessert-like experience.

  4. Milk Chocolate and Caramel: This is a classic pairing. The buttery richness of caramel pairs seamlessly with the smoothness of milk chocolate, making for a luxuriously sweet treat.

  5. Milk Chocolate and Mint: The freshness of mint cuts through the richness of milk chocolate, providing a bright, refreshing contrast.

  6. Milk Chocolate and Raspberries: The tartness of raspberries helps to balance out the sweetness of milk chocolate, creating a combination that's both sweet and tangy.

  7. Milk Chocolate and Coffee: A medium-roast coffee with a balanced flavour profile can enhance the creamy sweetness of milk chocolate, making for a delightful midday treat.

Remember, pairing is personal, so don't shy away from trying different combinations and discovering what you enjoy the most. Happy tasting!

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What Goes With White Chocolate?

Checkout these delicious white chocolate pairings:

  1. White Chocolate and Matcha Tea: The slightly bitter, earthy flavour of matcha beautifully complements the intense sweetness of white chocolate, creating a unique and intriguing combination.

  2. White Chocolate and Coconut: This tropical duo is a match made in heaven. The nuttiness of the coconut enhances the creaminess of the white chocolate, resulting in a delicious, exotic treat.

  3. White Chocolate and Strawberries: This is a classic pairing. The natural tartness of strawberries cuts through the rich sweetness of white chocolate, creating a balanced, refreshing flavour profile.

  4. White Chocolate and Hazelnuts: Roasted hazelnuts provide a deliciously crunchy contrast to the creaminess of white chocolate, as well as a nutty flavour that pairs perfectly with its sweetness.

  5. White Chocolate and Cardamom: The spicy, aromatic flavour of cardamom adds a delicious complexity to the sweet, creamy flavour of white chocolate.

  6. White Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream: The soft, sweet flavours of vanilla ice cream and white chocolate complement each other perfectly, making for a decadent, indulgent dessert.

  7. White Chocolate and Sauternes: The sweet, fruity flavour of a Sauternes wine, with its notes of honey and apricots, matches wonderfully with the creamy sweetness of white chocolate.

As with all pairings, the key is to find combinations that tantalise your own taste buds.

Enjoy the process of discovery, and remember - the best pairing is the one you love the most!

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What Makes Some Flavours and Chocolate Pairings So Delicious?

At the heart of successful chocolate pairings is a concept known as 'flavour harmony' – where different food or drink items complement and enhance each other's flavours.

This balance can make a combination more delicious than the individual parts.

There are a few key factors that make some chocolate pairings exceptionally satisfying:

  1. Balance of Flavours: Pairings work well when the flavours balance each other. For example, the bitterness of dark chocolate is beautifully offset by the sweetness of fruits like strawberries or the saltiness of nuts.

  2. Contrast: Sometimes, contrasting flavours can be intriguing and delicious. Consider the combination of spicy chilli and chocolate or the way the tartness of raspberries counters the sweetness of milk chocolate.

  3. Texture: The combination of different textures can also enhance the pleasure of a pairing. Think about the delight of biting into a milk chocolate-covered pretzel with its combination of smooth chocolate and crunchy, salty pretzel.

  4. The Complexity of Flavours: Chocolate, especially high-quality chocolate, has complex flavours that can be brought out by certain pairings. A good pairing can help you to taste notes in the chocolate that you might not have noticed on its own.

Remember, personal preference plays a significant role here.

The best chocolate pairing for you will depend on your individual taste. So, feel free to experiment and discover your own perfect chocolate pairings!

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How to Create Your Own Pairings for Chocolate

Creating your own chocolate pairings can be an exciting and delicious experiment.

Here are a few steps to get you started:

  1. Know your chocolate: Different types of chocolate - dark, milk, and white - all have their unique flavour profiles. For example, dark chocolate can range from bitter to sweet and can have undertones of fruits, spices, or even tobacco. Milk chocolate is typically sweeter and creamier, while white chocolate is the sweetest and can have a slightly milky or vanilla taste.

  2. Think about balance: Balance is key to a successful pairing. A good pairing can balance sweetness, bitterness, acidity, and saltiness. For example, the bitterness of dark chocolate can be balanced by the sweetness of a ripe banana, or the saltiness of a pretzel can offset the creaminess of milk chocolate.

  3. Consider textures: The texture can play a crucial role in how enjoyable a pairing is. Crunchy, soft, chewy, or smooth - different textures can provide a delightful contrast or complement the chocolate.

  4. Experiment: The best part about creating your own pairings is the ability to experiment. Try unusual combinations - you never know, chilli and chocolate might just become your next favourite pairing!

  5. Take notes: When you find a combination that you enjoy, make sure to take note of it. This can be helpful for future reference and allows you to refine your pairing choices over time.

  6. Enjoy the process: The most important part of creating your own chocolate pairings is to have fun and enjoy the process. Tasting should be a pleasure, not a chore.

Remember, everyone's taste is personal, so what works for one person may not work for another.

The key is to discover what you love, so don't be afraid to try new things and step outside your comfort zone. Enjoy the journey of chocolate discovery!

Where Can You Buy Delicious British Chocolate?

Finding the right chocolates to enjoy with your pairing is paramount.

And who better to turn to for this than us at Whitakers Chocolates, with our rich heritage spanning over 135 years in the chocolate-making industry?

We are true chocolatiers in every sense of the word, a title we wear with pride.

Our chocolates are lovingly crafted using the finest and most natural ingredients, combined with time-honoured techniques passed down through generations.

We are committed to ethical sourcing and use Fairtrade cocoa, ensuring that our delicious creations not only satisfy your taste buds but also contribute to a fair deal for cocoa farmers around the world.

Our exquisite range of artisan chocolate truffles is a perfect partner to a fine bottle of wine, earl grey tea and more!

Each bite offers an explosion of flavour that aligns beautifully with the varied notes of your preferred tipple.

These truffles are not merely chocolates; they are an indulgence, an experience.

Additionally, our selection of chocolate bars with honeycomb inclusions makes for a delightfully unique pairing with wine and other complex beverages.

The sweetness and crunch of the honeycomb, enveloped by our creamy chocolate, create a harmony of flavours that is sure to enhance your wine's profile.

So, why not explore our range of handcrafted chocolates?

There's a world of flavours waiting to be discovered, a world that will wonderfully complement your pairing journey.

Here's to finding your perfect match!

Some Notes From an Expert Chocolatier

As a seasoned chocolatier, one of the perks of my job is exploring the endless pairing possibilities between chocolates and various beverages, especially wines.

It's a gastronomic adventure that allows me to appreciate the intricate dance of flavours that both these indulgences offer.

One of my personal favourites has to be the combination of a robust red Rioja with our distinctive orange and chilli 90g chocolate bar.

This particular pairing is something I eagerly look forward to as my ultimate Sunday early evening treat.

The Rioja, with its full-bodied, fruity character and underlying notes of vanilla and spices, provides a delightful contrast to the warmth of the chilli and the rich, deep tones of the dark chocolate.

The citrusy undertones of orange add a fresh twist, making every bite an explosion of contrasting yet harmonious flavours.

The earthy notes of the red wine balance perfectly with the spicy heat of the chilli, allowing the intensity of the dark chocolate to shine through.

It's a medley of taste sensations - a burst of fruity wine, a hint of spicy chilli, the tang of orange, and the bitter-sweet richness of dark chocolate.

But the true magic of this pairing lies not just in the harmony of flavours but in the experience itself - savouring each sip of the wine, each bite of the chocolate, letting the flavours linger and dance on your palate.

It's a moment of pure indulgence, a slice of food heaven if you will.

So, I urge you to not just taste but experience your chocolates and wines.

Explore different combinations, experiment with flavours and, most importantly, savour the journey of discovery.

Final Notes On Tasty Chocolate Pairings

The art of pairing chocolate is a delightful journey of exploration and discovery.

Through understanding the distinct characteristics of dark, milk and white chocolate, you can embark on a quest to find that perfect balance and contrast in flavours and textures that make a pairing sublime.

Whether you're pairing dark chocolate with a smoky red wine, milk chocolate with ripe strawberries or white chocolate with sharp, tangy blue cheese, remember that the joy is as much in the journey as it is in the destination.

Pairings are subjective and personal, so the 'perfect' pairing is truly the one that makes your taste buds dance.

So, the next time you're indulging in your favourite chocolate bar from Whitakers, let your imagination run wild.

Consider the possible combinations and dare to try something new.

You might just stumble upon a pairing that elevates your chocolate experience to new, delicious heights.

In the end, the world of chocolate pairings is rich, varied, and waiting to be explored.

So, here's to many delightful and tasty adventures in the wonderful world of chocolate!

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